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    The Things We Keep

    So it’s official! We’ve moved in and have started the unpacking process.  Well, I have started the unpacking process.  The hubs and kid haven’t…. As I have unpacked, I have come to realization that I keep a lot of shit.  Granted, there is some sort of emotional attachment to it.  There are a lot of photo albums, knick knacks that were gifts, horse ribbons and trophies, and this…… It’s the front cover of a book that has been torn off…..I’m not sure where the book is.  Honestly, I probably threw it away because it was a reference book that has since become dated.  But I saved this. Why? Because that…

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    AND We’re DONE!

    Sorry for the lack of updates during the last month.  I have been traveling A LOT and we recently suffered a huge loss….H lost his grandmother just over a week ago.  It was unexpected and really took the wind out of our sails.  We’ll miss her tremendously and this blog is bitter sweet since the house was finished just shortly after we lost her. That said, the very first thing that has been moved into the house is one of the plants from her service.  While she might have never made it, a part of her is always present when we look at these lilies! Our fire place mantel is…

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    We Were Stoned!

    No, not the illegal (though possibly fun) stone….I personally wouldn’t now……you’ll have to ask my mother about that.  We’re talking about the stone that has been sitting in front of our house for the last month has finally been applied!! We chose the Chardonnay (notice a theme yet? Chardonnay stone and Whiskey cabinets) and we’re both very happy with how it looks on the outside of the house as well as for the fireplace.  What do you think? It’s hard to tell in these pictures but there is even some red in the stone.  Hopefully when they finally paint the front door it will make it stand out even more.…

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    This week not much has happened with the house.  The door hardware was installed but that’s about it.  Waiting on the floor has brought the project to a near stand still.  We did have the septic installed after some discussion about whether or not the sprinklers could be installed beyond the camper (we wouldn’t move it for the install).  So we wait. The last few years have been a lesson in patience, resilience, and faith.  This week marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Texas and reading the stories of those who were affected and their resilience made me think of our family journey with Alzheimer’s…

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    Granite, Lights, and Si!

    It’s been a busy week! I’ve waited until this stage was done to post so we could actually get some good pictures.  The house is finally starting to show some personality! We’re happy with how it’s turning out. Earlier this week, I came home after a morning appointment to the granite trailer in the front yard! I was nervous when I first looked at the granite because it looked brown outside and we definitely thought it was mainly black/gray.  Having recently switched the marble from brown and white to black and white, that would have been a problem.  Once I got inside, I was happy to see that it was…

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    After two weeks of essentially no new developments with the house, I came home after an overnight to CABINETS!!  Cabinets have been one of the features I have been the most excited about because they are custom made by Kent Moore.  And to make the cabinet experience even better, the installer is amazingly spot on (he also did the closets). Once I got comfortable (changed out of my work clothes…), I immediately went into the house where the cabinet installers were still working.  This is how good these guys are….I immediately noticed that the laundry room cabinet doors were uneven.  I didn’t even say anything to anyone because I knew…

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    We have shelves and..

    shelves…and shelves! H pretty much designed the closets and did a pretty darn good job.  With all the shelves in place, I now realize how much storage space we are going to have. I can now be one of those Sam’s Club people! Not that I will, but you never know when a year’s worth of toilet paper will come in handy.  Do kids still wrap houses?………The real question is can I get a Sam’s Club size bottle of whiskey. Sam’s Club is the final stage of adulthood right? I mean if you have enough cash and storage for a whole case of toilet paper that pretty much screams adulting. …

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    What I Miss….

    What I miss…. There’s nothing like feeling under the weather to highlight the things you miss most about living in an actual house vs living in a travel trailer.  My sinuses have been playing havoc on my head and now my stomach, so much so I turned down steak tonight. I’m really missing the comfort of a home tonight! Our camper is comfortable but it’s not home and I’m really wishing we were further along (like moved in) to our new house. Toilets that flush. I would love to have a working toilet today.  I’m feeling a little nauseous today and I think I would feel better if I just…

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      What a difference a couple days make! We left July 4th and headed to the hill country to spend some time with H’s side of the family and when we left we had sticks with plumbing and wiring with a roof.  Now we actually have walls!! If only our cabinet quote would get here…….. With the insulation in and the drywall up, the house is definitely cool inside now.  Now things will really get exciting as all of our selections start to be installed.  I just wish those dang cabinets were already approved! Until next time!

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    One Month Down…..

    Well, it’s official.  We’ve been in the camper for exactly one month and so far, have survived.  Yeah, it’s not great and it’s sure not a fun camping trip but we’re making due.  Our biggest issue, beside constantly being on top of one another, is laundry.  We are using a portable RV washer and garment dryer.  It’s getting the job done but it does take a bit of babysitting.  One normal load of laundry can literally take all day to wash and dry.  We’ve started hanging tshirts, socks, and shorts out to dry instead of putting them in the “dryer”.  When the humidity is high (which is always), anything cotton…

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