Aspergers,  Real Estate


Packing to move shouldn’t really be that complicated of a process.  You take your stuff…you put it in a tape the box…you label the box…then you move the box to a new location.  Right? Am I missing something? Its a great time to purge and clean as well which I am doing. I already have a nice basket full of books and goodies to go to Half Priced Books and Goodwill.  I just wish the Goodwill guys were as happy to see me as I am happy to get rid of all of this stuff. 

Unfortunately, trying to get a 15 yr old Aspie boy to understand that he needs to start going through his things NOW is a hard concept to grasp when we aren’t moving for another 6 weeks.  What makes this process slightly more complicated is we are not moving directly into our new home. Our new home is still an idea mapped out on blue prints and hasn’t taken form yet (but it will be within the next TWO weeks!).  

What this means is our ENTIRE house, barn, and carport must go into a storage unit until our home is ready! We’ll be living in our camper on our new property until the home is built so there are some items that I am identifying that I want to go with us….like the crock pot, air fryer, George Foreman grill, etc to help make cooking easier. D however doesn’t seem to grasp that he will not be able to take his entire room into the camper.  I’m sure I’ll be pulling his boxes to make sure there are no pieces of trash or broken items taking up space in storage. It’s hard being a teenager and never having to pack an entire house before. Even for me, the concept gets to be overwhelming at times.  But if I have to pack his room, he’ll end up missing some things as I cull the crap!

The biggest concern is clothing. I’ve decided to use the fabric cube storage boxes for our clothing.  D will be the easiest as it will be summer time and he won’t need much variety in his wardrobe. Hubs and I will be the problem.  He has his work clothes and then his hang around the house clothes. I am currently job searching and depending on what positions are offered to me and what offer I accept will depend on what type of clothes I will need access too.  So clothes will no doubt be the last items I pack. But until then, we need to purge.

My hanging clothes.

His hanging clothes.

I am pretty good about purging my clothes.  I generally do several donations throughout the year.  Hubs does not. He has TWO t-shirt drawers that need to be purged mainly because you can not wash all of his clothes and put them all away.  I do chunk t-shirts that come out of the dryer with holes in them but he still has more t-shirts than I do.

His t-shirt drawers.

My t shirt drawer

Another area that needs to be purged his baseball cap collection.  Most of these caps are from two companies he no longer works for…I believe there are 25 of them! Granted I have my share of baseball caps but most of those have a sentimental value to them.  When I showed horses, whenever I earned a World or National Championship I would have a cap embroidered to celebrate it. Those D will probably throw away after I die.

In the camper, my goal is to have 8 days worth of clothing, two towels, and two wash clothes for each of us.  Laundry is another issue. How much does a washer and dryer cycle cost at the laundromat? We’re going to send anything that needs to be ironed to the cleaners.  Amazon sells these neat RV washer and dryer systems that I think I may invest in to wash cotton items at the home site. Surely, I would be saving not only money but time as well not having to sit at the laundromat??  Plus, laundromats….eww.