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Granite, Lights, and Si!

It’s been a busy week! I’ve waited until this stage was done to post so we could actually get some good pictures.  The house is finally starting to show some personality! We’re happy with how it’s turning out.

Earlier this week, I came home after a morning appointment to the granite trailer in the front yard! I was nervous when I first looked at the granite because it looked brown outside and we definitely thought it was mainly black/gray.  Having recently switched the marble from brown and white to black and white, that would have been a problem.  Once I got inside, I was happy to see that it was still the color that we had picked out and it ties in well with our cabinets.  I selected the 60/40 sink and it was installed as well.  The kitchen is small but it’s as big as I want or need.  We aren’t “kitchen people”.

The later half of this week the electricians came in and installed all of the fans, ceiling lights, vanity lights, chandelier, and bar lights.  THIS is what I’ve been waiting on! The metal on the lights turned out to be a little lighter than what was pictured but I’m still happy with selection.  Hubs is super excited about the light features he installed. All of the ceiling lights are on dimmers, the speed of the fans can be controlled via the wall switch, the pantry door has a light switch built in, and we’ll be able to control the lights from our phones.  I’m sure this will all prove to be very convenient but I’m just happy that the light fixtures are in and they are as pretty as I had expected.

Then last weekend, we also did a thing, and added a new family member.  Meet Si, a 3 month old cur mix.  He is HUGE.  So far he’s been the perfect puppy sleeping through the night and not keeping us up.  He’s happy to play or settle down by our feet.  One thing is for sure…this trailer is not going to be big enough for all of us in a month or two because he has already grown 2 inches. He is going to be one big dog.

So what’s next? Well, we still need the marble around the tubs, the marble bathroom counters and sinks, the septic, the stone outside and around the fireplace, the mantle, the flooring, and the toilets. Then its punch list time and hopefully closing! It’s already mid August but maybe by September? Fingers crossed!

Until next time!