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Sorry for the lack of updates during the last month.  I have been traveling A LOT and we recently suffered a huge loss….H lost his grandmother just over a week ago.  It was unexpected and really took the wind out of our sails.  We’ll miss her tremendously and this blog is bitter sweet since the house was finished just shortly after we lost her.

That said, the very first thing that has been moved into the house is one of the plants from her service.  While she might have never made it, a part of her is always present when we look at these lilies!

Our fire place mantel is custom made by our wonderful neighbor!

The original one I purchased ended up being too short and he made this one! It’s perfect!

Now we wait for the punch list to be completed…you know, things like faux shutters on the front of the house and plugging my dishwasher in.  Paint touch ups and cabinet repairs.  Mostly minor items that will hopefully all be fixed by the end of the week! Estimated closing date is Oct 8th and then we can move in! …….Except I’m off to another conference on the 9th.  I’ll need to install video cameras to capture H moving our storage unit into the house!