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    The Things We Keep

    So it’s official! We’ve moved in and have started the unpacking process.  Well, I have started the unpacking process.  The hubs and kid haven’t…. As I have unpacked, I have come to realization that I keep a lot of shit.  Granted, there is some sort of emotional attachment to it.  There are a lot of photo albums, knick knacks that were gifts, horse ribbons and trophies, and this…… It’s the front cover of a book that has been torn off…..I’m not sure where the book is.  Honestly, I probably threw it away because it was a reference book that has since become dated.  But I saved this. Why? Because that…

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    This week not much has happened with the house.  The door hardware was installed but that’s about it.  Waiting on the floor has brought the project to a near stand still.  We did have the septic installed after some discussion about whether or not the sprinklers could be installed beyond the camper (we wouldn’t move it for the install).  So we wait. The last few years have been a lesson in patience, resilience, and faith.  This week marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Texas and reading the stories of those who were affected and their resilience made me think of our family journey with Alzheimer’s…

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    Father’s Day and Alzheimers

    My Dad is my favorite person in the world. He taught me to fish, to hunt, to drive, how to handle boys, how to drive a boat, how to use a hammer and power drill, how to read a REAL map, and so many other things.  He has always been my go to for almost anything. Until Alzheimer’s started to take him away from us. Dad and D geocaching when D was about 7. Celebrating Father’s Day with Alzheimer’s is difficult.  With my new job, I’m able to basically decide where in my territory I want to work any given week so I purposely positioned myself in the Austin area…

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    Hiking the Pecan Flats Trail at Inks Lake

    Some of my ideas are great….and some of my ideas are clouded like the memory of child birth in a mother pregnant with her second child.  D and I came up to the Texas Hill Country to visit my parents. With no plans and limited cash due to the house building, if we did something I wanted to do something cheap that would wear a 15 year old out (because let’s be honest, it’s the only way to live with him).  After much discussion, we agreed to visit Inks Lake State Park and do a hike (I would like to point out that ALL able minded adults agreed i.e. my…

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    Life with Alzheimer’s

    As we grow up and become adults, we sometimes forget that our parents are ageing too.  Life gets complicated with marriage, mortgages, careers, and kids and you forget to stop and appreciate the time you have.  This is probably one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t take advantage of the time I had more frequently when things were normal. As a kid, my parents made sure we traveled.  We spent almost every weekend on the road either going to the lake house or visiting my grandmother in San Antonio.  Dad didn’t need a map.  I often wondered if there was a place or road he hadn’t traveled to.  Dad…

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