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    We Were Stoned!

    No, not the illegal (though possibly fun) stone….I personally wouldn’t now……you’ll have to ask my mother about that.  We’re talking about the stone that has been sitting in front of our house for the last month has finally been applied!! We chose the Chardonnay (notice a theme yet? Chardonnay stone and Whiskey cabinets) and we’re both very happy with how it looks on the outside of the house as well as for the fireplace.  What do you think? It’s hard to tell in these pictures but there is even some red in the stone.  Hopefully when they finally paint the front door it will make it stand out even more.…

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    This week not much has happened with the house.  The door hardware was installed but that’s about it.  Waiting on the floor has brought the project to a near stand still.  We did have the septic installed after some discussion about whether or not the sprinklers could be installed beyond the camper (we wouldn’t move it for the install).  So we wait. The last few years have been a lesson in patience, resilience, and faith.  This week marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey making landfall in Texas and reading the stories of those who were affected and their resilience made me think of our family journey with Alzheimer’s…

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      What a difference a couple days make! We left July 4th and headed to the hill country to spend some time with H’s side of the family and when we left we had sticks with plumbing and wiring with a roof.  Now we actually have walls!! If only our cabinet quote would get here…….. With the insulation in and the drywall up, the house is definitely cool inside now.  Now things will really get exciting as all of our selections start to be installed.  I just wish those dang cabinets were already approved! Until next time!

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    House update!

    Sorry for the lack of updates on the house.  2 things have been kinda slow…..the house and the internet.  I use so much data for the new job that I have to save house updates for when I have access to unlimited and FREE internet.  So here I am in a hotel room in San Antonio! One quality that we enjoy of our new home is all the deer that we see on a daily basis.  It’s almost like being in the hill country the way the deer hang around and aren’t afraid of us at all.  So much so they’ve helped themselves to one of my pots of flowers. …

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    Father’s Day and Alzheimers

    My Dad is my favorite person in the world. He taught me to fish, to hunt, to drive, how to handle boys, how to drive a boat, how to use a hammer and power drill, how to read a REAL map, and so many other things.  He has always been my go to for almost anything. Until Alzheimer’s started to take him away from us. Dad and D geocaching when D was about 7. Celebrating Father’s Day with Alzheimer’s is difficult.  With my new job, I’m able to basically decide where in my territory I want to work any given week so I purposely positioned myself in the Austin area…

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    This Is One Hot MUDDY Mess!

    One last look…. Well, it’s been a week since we moved from our home in Iola to Bryan. While I believe in the end this will all be worth it….for the LOVE OF GOD can someone please get rid of this mud. We moved in on Sunday like I posted last week and then sure enough..it rained. Not just a shower or a sprinkle, but full fledge summer thunderstorm dumping at least 2 inches on us over night. Now, we live at a construction site. We’ve had a bull dozer come through and disturb all of the soil. What we apparently dug up is mud from HELL. I didn’t realize…

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    Will you pass the test?

    I am not an overly religious person.  I’m not someone who identifies with a particular organized section of Christianity.  I was raised Lutheran and currently, sporadically, attend a Freewill Baptist Church.  Growing up, church was mandatory every Sunday and was a ceremony with a lot of pomp and circumstance.  Robes, candles, communion, and lots of standing and kneeling. As an adult, I strayed from the church but not from Christianity.  I was still a spiritual person with faith and a relationship with God. I lived a fairly sheltered life so there wasn’t a lot of proof in faith. I can’t say I was ever tested in that faith growing up…

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